8 Simple rules to help you improve conversions on your eCommerce website

1) Increase Content Personalization

While this is much easier said than done, sending a tailored email can go a long way with customers. Speaking in the way your audience speaks will also increase customer comprehension and encourage continued engagement.


2) Optimize SEO and CRO as much as possible

Search engine optimization and conversion rate optimization are fundamental principles for driving traffic to your site and converting clicks to sales. Understanding the relationship between traffic and conversions and how they translate into your copy can help boost your algorithms and bring you to the top of the search pages and land sales.


3) Improve your copy

ECommerce relies on language as much as it does visualisation, which means that the copy you produce and utilise needs to be stellar. The manuscript should be engaging and formatted so that readers will actually read and absorb the information. Always keeping your target customer in mind and designing a document for them will help ensure that it is intended for your brand audience.


4) Checkout your Checkout Process

Make sure that you take some time to evaluate and review what your checkout process looks like. An overly complicated checkout process can be hurting your conversion and increasing cart abandonment. Wherever possible, be transparent about taxes, shipping, or any other additional fees a customer may incur. Also, making your content shoppable on social media sites will tke customers right to where they want to be if they’re going to purchase something in one of your posts.


5) Offer incentives

Research shows that 88% of shoppers are more likely to complete a purchase if it includes free shipping. Things like free shipping, exclusive discount codes, or loyalty codes are a great way to convert sales and keep consumers returning to your shop.


6) Customer Support

Customers are going to have questions about your site, products, shipping policies, and more. Adding features for customer support, such as a live chat, creates a seamless way for consumers to get their questions answered.

Bonus tip: Ensure that any customer support options you do add to your site are straightforward to find; if a customer can’t quickly get their questions answered, they will leave your site.


7) Go visual

While the written copy is critical to your success, many consumers are visual people. Having high-quality images that will ensure that customers genuinely understand what they are committing to. To really impress and engage customers to consider adding a video.


8) Management and Testing

You should always be constantly evaluating your site and content for improvement. Your website isn’t going to be a one-and-done operation. Continual testing, tweaks, or copy changes will improve your site as you get to know your consumers and better understand how to convert them faster.

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