9 Great apps to help improve your Shopify Store

Businesses have evolved. This new digital age has boosted sales to extreme levels and made online shopping very much the norm. The best way to run your eCommerce business is via killer Shopify apps.

Over 2,000,000+ businesses are currently using Shopify apps to help run their online stores. It helps them automate their sales, assist in shipping, and have better marketing strategies. In short, Shopify apps are there to make your business flourish.

You will find a diverse range of Shopify apps related to marketing, conversion, increased sales, SEO, products inventory, promotions, customer services, new merch, sales channels, and much more. You only need the right eye to get the best Shopify apps for your business.

But hey, let us do the hard work. We already have some top pick Shopify apps that might help you in your eCommerce activities. Have a look at them and choose the best according to your business needs:

1) Promo.com

If you’re searching for a free Shopify app dedicated to creating killer product videos for sales boost, then Promo.com is the one. The best thing about Promo.com is that you do not need any huge effort to create your video promotion. If you have basic knowledge about video editing, this app would be your go-to app for making promotional videos.

You only need to choose which type of video you need from this platform and what product to promote. Promo.com will use its AI mechanism to search for all the related images and videos that would fit well with your product. In short, with minimum effort, Promo.com will provide you with a stellar promotional video for your business.


2) Change Commerce

If you are one of those businesses that like giving back to the less fortunate, then Change Commerce is the perfect Shopify app. Change Commerce is a charity app that allows customers to donate while they shop.

For example, suppose a customer has bought a vegan leather coat from your store. In that case, this Shopify app will display a widget at the checkout point and ask if the customer is interested in donating to more production of ethical vegan leather. The donations go directly to the organizations, and the stores where they are displayed are just there to support the cause.

The Change Commerce app has become an instant hit and is considered the best Shopify app of 2019 and 2020 with its massive support to about half a million nonprofit organizations. Oberlo

Are you still thinking about starting your small business? Why don’t you choose the intelligent way and pick a Shopify app like Oberlo to assist you with all the methods for your business?

Oberlo is an easy app that would help you brainstorm business ideas, hunt the perfect products for you, and even help you source a supplier, so you don’t have to waste time finding your required stock.

Oberlo is there to help you search inside a diverse marketplace of products. You can locate the products, order them, and import them directly into your Shopify store for ease. Once you receive an order, you can quickly fulfil and deliver it with the help of a dropshipping supplier that Oberlo will provide you, so your customers get their package on time. You don’t even have to pack it or ship it manually.

Oberlo has become a complete package Shopify app.


3) Advoz

Social media advertising can be pretty expensive, especially for small business owners, but this Shopify app named Advoz will do it free for you. Yes, you can advertise your eCommerce store through Advoz free of cost, but there’s more to that.

When you install the Advoz app, you get complete access to certified advertising professionals that can help you create customized ads for your Facebook, Instagram, and Google pages. These ads are targeted to capture a vast pool of audiences that would increase your store’s traffic.

Since Advoz is free, you only have to pay for a weekly ad budget, have a fully-functional Facebook Business account and insert a product catalogue to your Facebook Business page.


4) One-Click Social Login

If you want more sales and customers, you also have to ensure that access to your page remains hassle-free. One step you can take is to ensure that the users can easily log in or create an account on your store.

One-Click Social Login is a Shopify app that would help you resolve this issue. This app would let the customers create accounts on your Shopify store via logging in with their current social media accounts.

The users don’t have to put all their information one by one. Instead, this app will help allow them to ‘tap’ on the button. The user profile will be created through social media apps like Facebook, LinkedIn, Amazon, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

An admin panel inside the One-Click Social Login page will help configure the settings. You have to pay almost five bucks a month to use this service.


5) Catalog Maker

A catalog is the essence of every store owner. This catalog will provide deeper details about the products and services, and every store must have their latest and updated catalogs for their customers.

If you’ve recently established an eCommerce store and don’t know how to create a catalog, install this Shopify app Catalog Maker.

Catalog Maker is perfect for showing off your product images, boosting your sales, and showing the customers how equipped you are. The best thing about Catalog Maker is that it doesn’t require much effort and provides you with a fantastic professional-looking catalog.

You can drag and drop pictures and other editing tools to create your perfect catalog. The app also provides unlimited templates for you to pick the right one for your store. Moreover, you can also create receipts, invoices, and thank you notes for your customers through the Catalog Maker app.


6) Back in Stock

There are many customers out there that are suckers for limited edition stuff. If your store sells limited edition products, your customers would want to buy them instantly. Sometimes the stock ends soon, and some diehard fans cannot get their product.

To solve this issue, a Shopify app named Back in Stock was created to let the customers know that their favourite item is back in the stores as soon as the store puts it back on the shelves.

The app would instantly send an email to the customers, so they’d pre-order these products before other people get a grip of it. This app will also let the store owners know which items are selling, like hotcakes, so they’d increase the production (and the price too!)

Back in Stock is a paid app with a monthly payment option ranging between $19 to $79 per month.


7) Partial.ly

What if you have your eyes set upon some product, and its price is way out of your budget? Would you consider going out of the budget and getting the item, or would you abandon it with a heavy heart? What if there is a third and easy way?

Partial.ly is a Shopify app developed to provide shoppers with a way to afford their favourite items. What Partial.ly does is that it allows for an easy payment mode at the checkout through instalments.

Once the shopper opts for a partial payment plan, they are redirected to the Shopify admin, who will decide how many payments are to be deducted and the time frame of those payments.

The store owner gets full liberty to control the fee, down payment, terms and conditions, and payment intervals. Partial.ly allows the customers to choose between manual or automated payment plans.

Partial.ly and Stripe are official partners, so the majority of the credit cards are already accepted under it. Partial.ly is free to install and use. They only charge you 5% + $0.30 at each transaction.


8) Drip

If you’re the one who believes in solid drip campaigns, then Drip will be the perfect Shopify candidate for you. This powerful marketing tool is more than just a tool as it provides personalized customer care, more revenues, better marketing strategies, and next-level sales.

Drip allows you to automate your email sequences easily and distribute your workflow. You can easily target your audience and segment your subscribers through Drip.

Moreover, the Drip app has loads of add-ons that allow easy campaign setups. You can set up an exceptional abandoned cart email campaign that would bring the uninterested customers back on track. You can also get their feedback.

Additionally, the dashboard inside Drip allows you to view which emails are the most successful in driving Shopify sales. Drip is all about going into petty details that other marketing tools might ignore. These small details can turn your revenues big.


So, these are some of the most unique and outstanding Shopify Apps that you must have for your Shopify stores this year. Get them and build your empire now.

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