Some of the best free SEO tools around

Are you looking for a list of useful free SEO tools? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Do you want to improve your SEO results while spending as little money as possible? Discover the most valuable and cost-free SEO tools to aid you in your work. Today, SEO (search engine optimisation) is more critical than ever.

As new trends emerge (such as the rise of voice search and the machine learning revolution), it’s more important than ever to keep your SEO on point. Using SEO tools is one method to go about it. After that, we put all of the ideas to the test, selected the best ones, and organized them into categories for easy reference.

What Are SEO Tools?

The statistics and warnings provided by SEO tools let you keep tabs on the health and progress of your website.

They aid in the discovery of new opportunities and the identification of vulnerabilities or difficulties that may impede your ability to rank well in the SERPs and get attention.

The same is true with SEO, where each tool serves a specialized purpose.

There are SEO tools available that can assist you with tasks such as the following:

  • Analytics.
  • Keyword Research.
  • Links.
  • Local SEO.
  • Mobile SEO.
  • On-page SEO.
  • Research.
  • Rank Checking.
  • Site speed.
  • WordPress SEO.

However, using SEO tools effectively requires knowledge on how to utilize them.

One or two toolsets may help you with all of the above and more, providing you a comprehensive picture of your SEO performance all at once.

Which Free SEO Tools Are the Best?

Here are the finest free SEO tools you should be utilizing if you want to get started with SEO or improve your results for nothing:


1) Ahrefs Backlink Checker

According to the best SEO experts, a free tool from Ahrefs, the Backlink Checker will show you the top 100 connections pointing to any website or URL.

Additionally, it displays the five most popular pages, the five most common anchor texts, and the overall number of backlinks and referring sites for the website. The domain rating (DR) is also displayed.


2) Animalz Revive

According to Mor Mester of Automizy, “keeping your material fresh is one of the most crucial things for SEO.” When it comes to finding new material, “Animalz Revive” may be significant assistance.


3) AnswerThePublic

According to Darko Jacimovic of What To Become, “the keyword game has gotten more tricky with voice search.”. Every day, it offers new long-tail keywords.

AnswerThePublic searches for questions posed on blogs, social media, and other public venues. Because it converts the queries into keywords, it’s a valuable resource for keyword research for any company.


4) Google Keyword Planner

Google’s keyword research tool is called Google Keyword Planner. It may be used to create keyword suggestions from a website or URL or list up to 10 seed keywords.

If you’re looking for keyword ideas that aren’t easily found with specific keyword research tools like SEMrush or Ahrefs, Keyword Planner can help.


5) Keyworddit

Keyworddit is a service that pulls Reddit’s top search terms. A list of terms with projected monthly search volumes may be found by going to any subreddit (e.g.,/r/bigSEO).

For example, it can help you identify exciting but previously unconsidered subject matter for your blog or website.


6) SEO Workers Analysis Tool

The SEO Workers Analysis Tool is the next on our list of free SEO tools to discuss. It’s a powerful tool that creates complete data quickly and analyses the most recent SEO trends in depth.

This tool also provides a lot of background information about site ranking, which is beneficial. HTTP Headers Check is one of the most useful free SEO tools available online, and it’s available on almost every platform.


7) Stonethro Speed Tool

Well, we would say this but site speed is crucial to improving your website rankings, UX and if you have a Shopify store, improving conversions.


8) Google Search Console

Additionally, Google Search Console, built with optimization in mind, is a must-have for every online marketer. Your site’s rating can be boosted by a factor of ten with this tool’s dashboard.

A great SEO tool’s power will be shown to you via the usage of Google Search Console. This high-quality, free tool has helped millions of website owners enhance and optimize their sites.


9) Rank Math

In terms of on-page and technical SEO, Rank Math is a helpful WordPress plugin.

It can assist with the following things:

  •  Adding meta tags to articles and pages, such as titles, meta descriptions, OG tags, and others;
  • Making rich chunks of structured data available;
  • Changing the addresses of web pages;
  • Eradicating dead links from your website and replacing them with active ones.


10) Merkle’s Schema Markup Generator

It is possible to generate JSON-LD structured data markup using Merkle’s Schema Markup Generator. Choose the sort of Schema markup you want to produce (e.g., local business, FAQ, product, etc.), fill out the form, and then copy and paste the resulting markup onto your site. This is how it works.

Google’s Structured Data Testing tool may be used to verify the authenticity of any Schema markup.


11) Bing Webmaster Tools

Team Build NYC’s Michael Allen, according to Google Webmaster Tools, is the most overlooked and valuable SEO platform. That’s what he says, at any rate.

“The Bing tool is always being improved and expanded. SEO analysis and markup validation are available through the dashboard and the application will warn you if any of the sites you link to have malware or phishing threats..”

Our SEO efforts on Google and other search engines have improved as a result of Bing’s search engine.

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